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Feel confident, informed and excited about your birth

Take the Australian made child-birth education course designed for calm and confident birth. Led by former midwife and Mum of three, Rebecca Graham. Choose from our range of group, individual or refresher courses.  

Amazing Outcomes!
Positive Birth Program vs Non Attendance

52% Decrease

Non - Elective


40% Decrease

Morphine Use

32% Decrease


15% Decrease


Source: Kasey Biggar.Government of Western Australia WA Country Health Service. More details: 


Benefits of Our Course

Experience a real labour of love. Here are some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy:


Reduced Pain and Anxiety

Our course aims to help women remain calm and relaxed during labour, potentially reducing the perception of pain and eliminating anxiety/stress or fear associated with childbirth.


Natural Pain Management

The course emphasises natural pain management techniques over medical interventions, which may be appealing to women seeking a more holistic approach to childbirth.


Increased Confidence

The course teaches women to trust their bodies and feel more confident about the birthing process. Enjoy the feeling of looking forward to birth.


Promotion of Bonding

By creating a calm and positive environment, hypnobirthing may promote a deeper emotional connection between the birthing mother, her partner, and their baby at birth.


Shorter Labour

Taking the course may lead to shorter labour durations, as relaxation techniques can promote more efficient muscular action and hormone release.


Reduced Need for Interventions

Some women who practice hypnobirthing report a decreased need for medical interventions, such as inductions, epidurals or other pain relief medications and Caesarean section.

Course includes learning the
following techniques: 

Breathing Techniques 

Light Touch Massage






Deep Relaxation Techniques

Client Experiences

Brooke Goldman

Absolutely loved completing the Hypnobirthing Australia course with Bec at All Heart Hypnobirthing. I chose to do the one on one sessions with Bec as my partner is FIFO and wasn't home for the group session dates and she was very accomodating with the session dates and times. Bec was very down to earth and knowledgable. She has given myself and my birth partners confidence in achieving a positive and empowering birth.

Holly Mason

My partner and I recently joined Bec for a two day hypnobirthing course spread over a couple of Saturdays and it was fantastic. We walked in not really knowing what to expect and came out feeling so knowledgeable, calm and confident about the journey we are about to undertake. Bec was so lovely, so welcoming, personable and clearly so passionate about the knowledge she is sharing with others. We feel like we now have all the tools and confidence to positively deal with whatever birth has in store and I actually can’t wait ❤️ Thank you Bec!

Stephanie Purcell

I completed my Hypnobirthing course with Rebecca before my first child. I wanted to try a natural birth but I had no idea how to go about it. After completing this course with All Heart, I went from confused/dubious/anxious to confident, excited and looking forward to the birth. This course along with Rebecca's warmth, ease and friendly manner made this whole process with my husband the most amazing experience. The knowledge I gained from her helped with our decision making on the labour experience but also gave my husband the confidence and strength to be the best birthing partner I could of asked for. I would 100% recommend this course with Rebecca!
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