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Court M

My husband and I joined Bec's hypnobirthing sessions over 2 x Sundays which covered all 4 units. Being our first birth I was feeling very anxious about everything and there is information overload out there. Bec was able to teach me techniques to calm my mind and give me the confidence I needed to birth my baby. I didn't realise how much I needed her class until I completed it. I love how involved my husband was and how much he learnt to assist me with the birthing process (acupressure, positions, communication). Hands down I'd recommend doing Bec's classes to anyone that was slightly fearful of birth like I was. Bec has really changed my mindset and outlook on birth. I now feel knowledgeable, excited and ready to birth my baby whichever way they may enter the world <3 Thanks so much Bec xo

Brooke Goldman

Absolutely loved completing the Hypnobirthing Australia course with Bec at All Heart Hypnobirthing. I chose to do the one on one sessions with Bec as my partner is FIFO and wasn't home for the group session dates and she was very accomodating with the session dates and times. Bec was very down to earth and knowledgable. She has given myself and my birth partners confidence in achieving a positive and empowering birth.

Holly Mason

My partner and I recently joined Bec for a two day hypnobirthing course spread over a couple of Saturdays and it was fantastic. We walked in not really knowing what to expect and came out feeling so knowledgeable, calm and confident about the journey we are about to undertake. Bec was so lovely, so welcoming, personable and clearly so passionate about the knowledge she is sharing with others. We feel like we now have all the tools and confidence to positively deal with whatever birth has in store and I actually can’t wait ❤️ Thank you Bec!

Stephanie Purcell

I completed my Hypnobirthing course with Rebecca before my first child. I wanted to try a natural birth but I had no idea how to go about it. After completing this course with All Heart, I went from confused/dubious/anxious to confident, excited and looking forward to the birth. This course along with Rebecca's warmth, ease and friendly manner made this whole process with my husband the most amazing experience. The knowledge I gained from her helped with our decision making on the labour experience but also gave my husband the confidence and strength to be the best birthing partner I could of asked for. I would 100% recommend this course with Rebecca!

Kayla Willets

I was hesitant to do the course, not knowing what to expect.
From the very first session we knew we had made the right choice & the investment for our special day was going to be well worth it.  I am so much more confident about birthing, what we can ask for, and how to make it an exciting experience rather than being terrified.  Thanks so much Bec!

Klaudia Zakarias

During my whole pregnancy I practiced active birthing exercises/prenatal yoga and then I heard about hypnobirthing. Absolutely mind blowing how much your mind is capable of!!! With Bec and with the hypnobirthing tools I got confidence, so much support, and she helped me believe in myself that I’m capable and my body is perfectly designed to nourish my baby and to give birth. Before H.B class I never had the chance to hear beautiful birthing stories. Never had the chance to understand that giving birth is the most natural thing in the world!! Women are afraid to give birth because of the media, because of the fairy tales about how painful the whole process is. I’ll always appreciate Bec’s support during my pregnancy and a after giving birth too!!! Without her I didn’t have the trust in my body, in myself. Every woman should know how strong and powerful we are!!! Hypnobirthing is a great tool, which helped me prepare myself to birth and finally meet my beautifully sweet little girl!!! Love you Bec!!!

Sarah Irons

Being a first time single mum, Hypnobirthing played a crucial part in my pregnancy as well as the birth of my daughter. Through the skills Rebecca taught us and the confidence gained, I was able to have a non-medicated birth and make informed decisions along the way. The course was delivered in a very professional yet laid back environment and I can’t imagine doing it with anyone but Rebecca. I highly recommend All Heart Hypnobirthing . Thanks again Bec. 😀

Shannon Adams

Bec was wonderful!
She was not only extremely knowledgeable about hypnobirthing (we learnt so much in this course), she was a delight to have in our home each week with her beautiful nature, and fun personality!
Thank you so much Bec :)
Love Shannon and Matt x

Fiona May

I found that it was so informative, inclusive and welcoming to all levels of pregnant women. I myself wasn’t sure what it was and whether it was only an approach of ‘natural’, holistic, home, water birth kind of class but it was so much more focused on individuals birth experience and ways to make that as positive and comfortable for a labouring women.

Thank you so much. This program has provided both of us with a feeling of calm. I now feel more confident that a calm birth is possible. I can watch birthing videos without tension or fear.


Rebecca was always well organised and professional... we believe it is possible now...  We loved Bec!


Good supportive handouts reinforce Bec's teaching. Great to empower us to question intervention and feel more in control of our own birth.


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